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  • Manufacture only the highest quality products, and build them to last a lifetime
  • A firm commitment to customer service and problem-solving
  • To always innovate and improve on our best


We've been in the manufacturing business since 1975 and we are constantly developing and innovating new metal products. We designed and built our first dog kennel in 2008. In that short amount of time we have continued to improve our dog runs and have come to be one of the best dog kennel manufacturers on the market today. We continue to this day to produce top quality metal products, whether it be our trailer line of Echo Trailers to our top of the line dog kennels and dog runs. Chicken Coops, Walk in bird aviaries and full size animal cages.


We take pride in our work and are always striving to be better. We believe that only through constant improvement can a company succeed. Our mission is to create the best product possible and we feel like we have done just that with our dog kennels. We've taken many extra steps that the other companies wouldn't dare consider because it's not "cost feasible" and made them a reality without bringing your cost up to an unreasonable level.

To make ordering easy, Cove Grooming Supplies offers a wide verity of convenient packages: Such as our “Total grooming process package”, which is everything you need to get started in one package. Our “shampoo packages” “student packages” for those just starting out, the “home station salon package” for your garage or basement, or our “mobile service salon package” for an enclosed mobile trailer. All the way up to outfitting an entire pet salon with our ultimate salon equipment package. Of course you can add individual products to the packages as needed.

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